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My brother needs help like this problem for example. Help please.

Natalie is training for a pull-up contest at her school. Natalie does 16,
24, 31, 18, 26, 38, 26, and 46 pull-ups over the course of her training.
How could Natalie figure out the average number of pull-ups she has
done in order to see how much she has improved while training? By
finding the ???



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She would need to find the mean.
Mean is average, mode is the number most repeated, range is the biggest number minus the smallest, and median is the middle number

By the way, tell your 'brother' to pay attention in class.

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Thanks Sunshine_girl! Eat bacon!
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he might of been paying attention and not understanding on how to do it or getting the words and meanings messsed up or on how to do it
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Then he should have asked his teacher. Simple.
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Actually, he doesn't go to regular school, he's homeschooled, so how is he supposed to ask his teacher? Ask a person before you talk about my little bro.
Eat bacon. (:
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and a lot of people dont like asking the teacher i dont thats just because i like figuring stuff out on my own
he could be shy
he might not want people to think he is dumb
he might like someone in tht class
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Those aren't excuses. There are plenty opportunities to talk to the teacher privately throughout the day.
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Trust me, My little bro is NOT the dating type. He's even weirder than me! But he is smart and clever. And he tricks me out of my bacon. ):
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well i wouldnt much less try to just because and there not excuses there true/real things that could happen or be the problem
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You aren't making sense.
You need to pay attention in school too.
Once you do that, come back and talk to be in a way that I can actually understand.
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i do i make straight A's without trying thank you very much
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Then use your 'skills' on here and talk correctly.
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im not in school so me no be proper
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y would u ask for help if u could help your brother yourself
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I'm done with you..,
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mean-28.125 if needed to be rounded to the nearest tenth is is 28.1 if hundreth it is 28.13

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