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Is this a good poem about the Civil War? I wrote this for my project and i would like to know if this is good?

Frozen Bullets

Trisha Kirby

The guns ring out,
Bullets by our heads,
A couple men shot,
Half the army dead,

The men starve to death,
Or maybe it's the cold,
Some young recruits,
Some too old,

They left their farms,
To fight for their freedom,
I feel sad that they're here,
But we really need them,

The enemies retreated,
But it's not over for the fight,
For when we rest just for the night,
The sky will explode with light,

The river is calm,
No enemies are near,
The battle could be over,
But the enemies are still there,

I fought my best,
Through the last couple of months,
The enemies are defeated,
My job here is done,

Today is the date,
May 9th, 1865,
The day I go home,
And I thank God I'm alive,

And as I walk home in honor,
I think of Gettysburg,
And of all my friends,
I remember the frozen bullets,
And I remember the end.

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There are poems about everything. Would you like to hear one of mine? (It's about the civil war too) Roses are red violets are blue. Haha confederacy we just defeated you.

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