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Could I be pregnant?! heeellpp!

I started using the BC implanon a month ago.
When I went in to have the implanon inserted, I had just began my period the day before. nurse asked if it had been normal,I had only had it for one day soI thought it was, I didn't have them do a pregnancy test. I had the BC inserted that day, and the next day, my period was barely there, the day after, it was gone. the nurse told me to use another form of birth control for seven days after getting it inserted, but I decided to use the pull out method instead. exactly a week after I had it inserted, he started coming inside me and has been since. I haven't taken any plan b

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The only way to find out if you are pregnant is to take a pregnancy test. If you were already on your birth control, then you are less likely to be pregnant. Watch out for some of the pregnancy symptoms and see a doctor.

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I wasn't on any form of birth control before, and usually used the.pull out method.
For like the last 4 or so days, I have been feeling nauseous, dizzy, moody, bloated (feels kind of hard though), been having loud burps (very unusual for me), body aches, headaches, very drowsy, light (somewhat brown) spotting (about ten days now), pain during intercourse, unusual(very random) cravings: green olives, skittles, chocolate frosting, chips dipped in olive juice, etc., acne, felt dehydrated, can't ever get comfortable (especially at night), stomach pains, etc.
these are all listed as "uncommon side effects of implanon," I just don't know if I should be worried.
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let me correct myself. MOST are listed as uncommon side effects. sorry
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It's probably unlikely you're pregnant. However you should be tested if you're having symptoms. You do know the pull out method is an extremely poor and ineffective form of BC right?

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