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When the bull riders attempt to stay on the bulls for 8 sec. there is a rope tied around the back end of the bull is it tied to its privates

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Bucking, jumping and kicking is a inborn ability that bulls exhibit naturally. All rodeo bulls, when first introduced to a rider, naturally want to get this lump of weight off of their backs, and who can blame them?
While nothing is done to 'make' the bulls buck, there are ways to encourage this ability and give the animal incentive to buck as hard and effectively as possible. This is accomplished by the use of a specially designed device known as the flank strap.
Despite what you hear from certain 'animal rights' activists, this strap does not induce pain, it works off of pressure, just like a lead chain for a dog or a bit in a saddle horses mouth. In fact the flank strap is tightened in the same way you cinch a girth on a riding saddle, except that the flank has a quick release. Nothing is done to intentionally hurt the bucking stock.
This includes binding of testicles (a popular lie spread by certain groups against rodeo), drugging, beating, burning, etc.

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Thank you, I love watching the PBR and you certantly educated me a great deal on this subject.
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If you want a real education, look up guys who breed bucking bulls and how much some of them are worth... Holy crap! And some people think they are abused...
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yes when they ride belongs a cowboy takes his spurs up the horses ribs,causing severe pain making the horse kick

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Sorry, no. If the cowboy "hurts" the horse he is marked down in score which loses him his payday.
In addition, stock contractors would take unkindly to someone beating up their high dollar horses/bulls.
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