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Why is my Alpinia Plants leaves turning brown around the outsides(other wise known as a ginger plant)

I have been watering it like it says to,and at first it was doing very well,but now all of a sudden the outside of the leaves are turning brown,and splitting.Please help me with this,I don't want to lose this Plant!!!!!!!!!!!!.

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Sounds like it may need to be watered a bit more. They are tropical plants so they must be in a humid environment. Do you keep it indoors? It could be that you are using the furnace or a heater to keep warm right now and it is affecting the plant (making the air too dry for the plant). Be sure to remove the damaged leaves so the nutrients are only going to the healthy portions of the plant.

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I have a horrible brown thumb when it comes to indoor plants - terrible light for one thing. Got any tips for rosemary? I'm serious. I love using fresh herbs. They're are gorgeous outdoors in the summer, but if I try to grow any inside....

R.I.P. tiny thyme, pretty parsley, cherubic chives, merry marjoram.... All you sweet innocent lives.

Pity the plants that come to my house.
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Seriously? Where do you live again? I have two green thumbs! They are simple to grow in your window sill. Let me know where you live and I will try to tailor it to your needs.
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Northwest Illinois. Small southern windows. I use humidifiers.
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Oh...okay. Well you can grow them indoor from seed in small terracotta pots (like 6" or smaller) with saucers under them. Place them near a window so they get filtered sunlight. Direct light can burn the young leaves.

Buy the seeds at your local hardware/nursery store. Use only good houseplant soil. Only plant a few seeds at a time. Save what is left in the packet for planting at later dates. Just keep the soil "feeding" will be necessary. That is it!
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Darn. That's what I did. The seedlings grew super thin, tall and then went limp. They fell over and died. I read that was too little light. True?

Last fall, I got them started outdoors in their little pots. They looked great, nice sturdy things. I brought them in, and they turned brown and died. I think that was too little water in the tiny pots. The larger pots lasted a bit longer.

Is there a way to measure the moisture to be sure it's time to water? Should I use lights to control it better?
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Start them indoors. Moisture you should be able to just touch the soil. If it feels dry, put a bit of water on it. If the air is your house is pretty dry (like the furnace or heater is being used), you will need to water more often.

Sounds like your previous ones did need more light. Do you have a shelf that is near a window? Put them there, but not in the window itself. They seem to like fresh air every now and then as well. Not sure how they will do if you put them outside in this weather. If you have the room, transfer the little plants to the bigger pots (like an 8" or 10" pot). They grow well here in Cali, but we do not get freezing temps like you.
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Excellent site!!! Thank you!

And now I must correct you. You have to green talons, not thumbs! Silly eagle! LOL!
You are wonderful. I'm keeping that site.
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Ah yes...I have been corrected.....
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Correct me! Two, not to! Silly bluebird!
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