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Anyone know what this dream means?

ok i know i have asked about dreams before and you guys have helped me A LOT so now i need your help again no sarcastic answers please i seriously do not understand this dream this is how it went

first i was sitting in a pew with the guy i like in the church where he was supposedly getting married and he was wearing red and black (I remember that vividly and dont know why) and his bride to be wasnt out yet and we were sitting there and all of a sudden he leans down and kisses me softly on the lips like hes done before and then next thing i know someone says theres something wrong with his bride (i dont remember her name) and we all get up and leave and i remember the words "this is your last chance" and then i woke up but when i woke up i could still feel his lips on mine! i dont know what this means but i know that he doesnt have any interest in dating me hes told me that im one of his best friends (not something i wanted to hear) and i had this dream nights ago and yet it still haunts me! what could this mean?! someone please help me!!!

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it means that u love him too much,, u are always thinking of him and subconsciously u are afraid that he will marry some other girl, it doesnt signify anything other, dreams are a way of revelation but those revelations are not that clear, they are real foggy,, such clear instructions are ur own thoughts, that u have been having all day

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but what can i do about this? i love him thats something im sure of but he doesnt want to be with me i mean there is this other guy but i cant tell how he feels about me and i dont want to ruin the greatest friendship ive ever had with the cutest guy ive ever met! ugh :(
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thats a dilemma,, :? may be you should give it sometime,, in many cases time is the key_
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sometimes my life sucks and i wish i could just ,ake it all better or just have a different life...but the thing is the first guy i was talking about, his name is thomas and me and him are still friends and i for sure am still madly in love with him and hes single but not looking for a girlfriend and im single and i really want to be with him but i cant see that happening ever...but then theres the 2nd guy whose name is matt and we have soooooooooo much in common and hes so cute and they are both younger than me (im a senior in high school) and this is my last chance (this year) to tell matt how i feel about him...i just dont know what to do sometimes and then i realize that theres a chance matt could not have feelings for me and then im back to square one single and depressed as hell
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hey listen ev,, may be u are being depressed because this is all u ever think about,, relationships_ being single isnt a stigma darling,, give it some time, dont be tensed.. i would say enjoy ur senior year girl,,
and if u must choose, then choose who loves U,, single sided love can be quite painful,, if matt loves u then may be u should try to forget about thomas, atleast try and be a good friend to him but dont expect more than that if he doesnt love u_
again being single is not a reason to be depressed in my eyes_ :)
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i dont think me and that guy are meant to be because whenever he has a relationship it doesnt last lone thats why i feel like me and matt should be together we dont know anything about each others dating history we love the same things but i just dont know how to aproach the subject of me liking him i mean my bff thinks he likes me and shes hardly ever wrong i just dont know what to do or where to go from here
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