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Do you think she likes me more than friends?

Signs she likes me

When I say hi to her, she says hi back, smiling, giggling and blushing.

She walks close to me with her shoulder touching mine

When she sits next to me, her leg or arm is touching mine.

She stretches her foot towards me and tries to touch my foot

Trusts me with her bag (currently in high school), money and phone

Stands close to me sometimes

seems comfortable next to me

Held/Grabbed my hand when she was drunk for about a minute comfortably

Her hand touches mine and instead of moving her hand away and saying sorry, she leaves her hand there.

Noticed her shoulders and feet face me

She stares at me sometimes

She sometimes leans towards me

Laughs randomly at things I say sometimes

When I went to the movies with her and a few friends, she was with me for most of the time. In the cinema it looked like she wanted to sit next to me, but due to one of the other friends in the group, she couldn't.

Signs she does not like me

She called me a creep. I kept my distance for about a week. During this time I noticed her stare at me a few times. After the week she called me a creep, she said sorry for what she did and started to show signs of liking me again.

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GWS1, you've asked this same EXACT question a good dozen times over the past few weeks. Wouldn't it be easier to JUST ask her? Sheesh.

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i have said the same thing to him twice, hes a coward.
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It's a nice story minus the (underage drinking part) but I've seen how questions get annoying when posted multiple times.
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