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How do you explain a scene with a huge wave hitting a boat

I am writing a story, and there is a scene where a gigantic wave is crashing into a boat. I need someone to explain how to write this.

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On the dark horizon loomed a huge black mass. It roared like the mightiest and most terrifying beast of the sea as it barrelled towards the boat. Suddenly, the huge black mass crashed into the hull of the boat, tipping it sideways. Time seemed to stop as the boat hung between falling into the roiling torrents below and steadying itself. The black mass spilled onto the boat's deck as it tipped upright, rocking precariously side to side. The black juggernaut, the pure fury of the sea, broke apart, raining dark droplets down onto the boat.
Hope you like this. I used boat a lot so if you use it you can change it accordingly. If this is a school project, I suggest you don't use anything from Ask. Also I'd encourage you think up your own material in the future, or make other people's work your own.
Good luck with the story!

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very helpful.
Thank you
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The wave climbed three stories into the air, towering above the small boat. It seemed to be moving so slow, yet so fast. It had reached so high now, that it blocked the moon. And then it came down.
It collapsed onto the ship with such force, that it shoved the boat under the water, like a bath toy. There was a loud crash as some of the wood and steel were obliterated.
He was rocked inside the cabin, and lost consciousness. The last thing he saw before falling asleep, was the ocean floor coming closer.....closer.....
The boat smashed against the bottom, destroying the entire bow. The cabin and what little was left connected to it slowly floated back to the surface.
It was the last of the giant waves. Unfortunately, it was the worst, and his boat was like a sitting duck in the waves path.

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