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Is there a mechanism on Ask. Com that allows you to quickly find an older question so as to post an answer as info becomes available?

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no...but if u want to check out ur following old question then u can check it on connection.

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Thanks, but I was just referring to a random users question I read yesterday but did not have a valid answer for until today. I was looking for a quick way to find the original question so I could help this user.
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can you put your answer in the form of a question? maybe They will read it.
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Jillthorpe, I am the OP that asked the question.... I don't suppose you have anything to add? Perhaps some pertinent information that might actually answer the question?
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@capcon, suggestion, if you see a question that interests you or some such and don't have an answer for as was the case;
Either go to that persons profile and click Follow, will allow you to go back to their profile page easier and unless they've asked a lot of questions in the meantime.. Will still show as "recently asked" in profile.
Or, go ahead and answer with something like " will get back to you with more info" and that Q will show under your Q& A's.
Hope that helps in the future.. As to previous?? Good luck!:-(.
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Witt, as usual you are full of good advice. Thanks for tracking me down. It seems like you would be an excellent candidate for my first follow. Lead on!
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