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In Napoleon's artillery,a 4 pdr.'s maximum range was 700m. At what degree of elevation should the gun be placed to hit a target 200m away?

Assume the type of ammunition is cannister and the weather is favorable. It's most likely between 0 degrees and 2 degrees, but I'm not sure.

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The 4-lb minion was typically used on ships or by the French as a regimental gun. It was usually matched with 1.2-1.4 kgs of powder so it was fairly low-speed on muzzle velocity, and thus required a corresponding vertical offset. I do not have access to the ballistics formula for the piece, so will make some guesstimates:
Assuming a muzzle velocity of 360-450m/s, and guessing a speed (at the terminal 700m) of ~250m/s, you would have a 10m/sec squared descent of the shot, and approximate 2.5 second flight, resulting in a descent of ~50 meters; without knowing the ballistic coefficient and some other parameters, my guess would be 50/700 or an elevation of about 10 degrees. For 200 meters, it's only 5 meters descent: 5/200 is about 2 degrees.
Here is a helpful chart:

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Thank you, that is very helpful.
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