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Working with pV=nRT and I find for nitrogen gas, the n= about 28.01 amu and takes up a volume in dm^3 at a temperature K and a press in Pa.

if your trying to see the molar volume of one mol of nitrogen gas using the term 1 mol = n=28.01 g/mol taking a space of 22.710980(38) dm^3/ mol at 273.15 K at 100 kPA (1 bar). To use "n" in a balanced form, do you have to convert the temp and pressure to use = Nm^3 at 0 deg c at 1 bar.

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I'm having trouble understanding your question. Why do you want to use the atomic mass number if you already have the number of moles?

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it is true the amu will cancle out at the end of the equation so you can leave it out to start with. i was trying to be complet with the question.
another way to state my question is
is "n" in units of Nm^3 or not. if not then should i convert to that standard of Nm^3 and from what standard of temp and press is "n" at now.
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n is the number of moles. I don't know what Nm^3 means...
PV=nRT is always in absolute temperature. Usually this is Kelvin, but Rankine works if you use the correct value for R.

One warning, I am only educated enough to use the ideal gas equation..
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