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Allison bowled a total of 615 in four games. What must her score be on the fifth game to have a tournament average of 150?

Math Problem I need to know how to get the answer which is 135. Mean Median and Mode

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The fifth score should be 135. Equations can be difficult to type and read, so I'll try to explain. X=the score of the fifth game. 615+X is the total of all five games. To find the average, you would divide that total by five.

(615 + X) / 5 = 150. You want to isolate X. So multiply both sides by 5.
615 + X = 750 Next subtract 615 from both sides.
X = 135

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We figured another way of doing it Take the average per game which is 150 times that for total amount of games , 150 * 5 = 750 and subtract that from her total 615, 750-615= 135 :)
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Very creative! Perfectly acceptable. If you want brownie points, show both ways! Well done.
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What do you mean Multiply both sides by 5.?
do you mean 615+x *5
or 615*5 and 150*5
or what ?
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I put the 615+X in parenthesis. That whole phrase is over 5. I'll try to type it like you'd write it on paper, but I can't underscore on an iPad. Lowercase x means multiply. Uppercase X is the variable.


When you multiply both sides by 5, the 5 under the phrase cancels out.


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Ty so much :P
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You're welcome!
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Dear Happy2BeHere2,
That is a great idea to use x for
"times" and X for the variable X.
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Thank you. I just wish I wasn't so limited with my tiny keyboard. The other day someone asked what the symbol was for a new paragraph. I couldn't type a pilcrow, so I had to look it up and give a link. It was a bit frustrating and time consuming. Oh well, it worked!
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The fifth score should be 1.2. To get the value of this, you need to get a number (x) to represent the scores on the fifth game. Add this to 615 and then divide by 5 to get 150. This means you need to have 615 + x/5 =150. This will give you 123x=150 then get the value of x =150/123, which is 1.2.

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The fifth score must be 135. But I do not know the process on how to get this answer.
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(615 + x)/5 = 150
times 5. times 5
615 + x = 750
-615. -615
x = 135. ANSWER

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