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What truth - if any - is there to a recent report that Washington State had a law pending to allow cops to enter your home to check

to be sure your guns are safely stored/locked?

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They have absolutely no right to do that. Our very constitution goes against it the fourth amendment, which states (in a nutshell) that there are to be no unreasonable searches in our homes (you need a reason, and then a warrant, to be able to search a home). In addition, the second amendment says that we have the right to bear arms. But with how crazy everything is, who knows how much longer the government will follow their own constitution?

Hope this helps. :)

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someone heard it on the news talk station they listen to. I am sure it was sponsered but got set aside due to the uproar. The 2 guys who sponsered it said they knew it would not pass this time but would soon. The penalty for not allowing the check was up to a year in jail...
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yes. yes it is true. I am thinking the NRA will soon be all over it. I hope... They claim it is for reasons like saving a childs life, theft ect.

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