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What is the summary of paragraph

The German word unheimlich2 is obviously the opposite of heimlich, heimisch,
meaning “familiar,” “native,” “belonging to the home”; and we are tempted
to conclude that what is “uncanny” is frightening precisely because it is not
known and familiar. Naturally not everything which is new and unfamiliar is
frightening, however; the relation cannot be inverted. We can only say that
what is novel can easily become frightening and uncanny; some new things are
frightening but not by any means all. Something has to be added to what is
novel and unfamiliar to make it uncanny.

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Summarizing the last sentence in the paragraph, "Something has to be added to what is novel and familiar to make it uncanny." So, what is that "something" that has to be added to what is "novel and familiar" to make it uncanny? Is it humor, sarcasm , unusual insight, unique perspectives , paradigm shifts, the introduction of novel ideas...or all of these? I would say just that. Start off the paragraph by writing, " What is introduced that allows the introspection of ideas into making something novel and familiar into the added dimensions needed as also possessing the perspective of being uncanny? Is it intelligent humor? Could it be the fresh perspective of multiple-layered sarcasm? The unique perspectives of unusual insight offers a multitude of paradigm shifts allowing for the introduction of many new novel ideas. This in turn allows for the many layers introspective and extroselective insights allowing the novel ideas to bind with our familiar experiences and develop the parallel level of uncanniness, therefore developing the overall sense and proportion of the many mulifacedness of these new layered dimensions of what we call "uncanny". (see rest in comments)

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I am sorry but this is the best I could do with the one paragraph you gave me for I felt I was shooting in the dark here to figure this out . I had to use a small phone screen and scroll up and down many times so there are repetitions. Write the paragraph down and play and work with it if any of this seems like it's feasible to work with and word it how you would usually word it. I'm sorry if it's not what you needed but it was really hard to figure out what you needed with what you gave to work with and I know with this forum you could t have given any more. Just take that last sentence to use as your summary. I left an idea, you can use it to launch your own ideas from. If this isn't what you needed, explain more in comments and I will try to help more.
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Wow! Sincerity, you did a great job of this. If I worked at it for an hour, I couldn't do better. The fresh perspective of multiple-layered sarcasm was a brilliant way to bring a new dimension of meaning to a rather droll paragraph. Can you imagine reading a whole class worth of paragraphs like this. What you've done is brought other ideas to each level of understanding and then added one. You've made the whole thing worth reading. Bravo!
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Well, I was right on my first instincts. She can't speak English, though she is trying hard to learn, so my answer was too hard for her to understand. (she is following me now, so I read her other questions) The paragraph she gave was from a lesson in English and I could hardly understand it myself, so how is she supposed to learn English when she is given those type paragraphs to work
from. I feel sorry for her. Plus there's no way she can learn spoken English from just writing it. Can you imagine us trying to learn Mandarin Chinese this same way?
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Addressing just your question, a paragraph summary ties the end to the beginning or thesis statement for a concise and interesting paragraph.

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I don't know I don't feel like readin all of that. ;)

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