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Can courts change interlock settings without notification to probationer ?

specifically lower the detection threshold or request reading for every blow

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Go back and read the original court order. It's either that or the company that made the machine did an upgrade.

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on the last download I asked the tech if I had any upgrades done.....the reply was no. I have been told contradicting information from the techs in the past. Do they have to divulge the truth or are they supposed to be evasive in responding ?
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It is not the techs responsibility to discuss this with you. It is the courts. Kind of like asking a technician doing an ultrasound what they see. They are not supposed to; the doctor is supposed to discuss. Same with the courts.
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K... I understand. I have the "supplemental" conditions of prob. Stating I am to have the interlock installed by X and that it was to remain in place through the "duration". And that I drive no vehicle without the IL. I have tried to get the "white" paper document I signed at the judges bench......the "Conditions of Probation". Attorney says they have no copy, county says to contact my attorney. The atmosphere in the courtroom concerns me...too much friendliness going on... I have a little over two months prob visits were transferred to another county and they clarified their involvement was out of "courtesy". Then the "courtesy" county PO left me a VM asking for my "deep lung" device company. Today I sent a Travel Permit request to for in March. In the time since November '11 I have spend 5 weekends in Jail. Violations on the IL, WARNS the IL co. said "those are not violations".
I am just worried that since I am a "transfer" out of "courtesy", There have been NO WARNS on my IL since Oct. But after the "courtesy" county requested my IL co . Info. I don't know what to think.
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I think you have to talk to your lawyer and stay sober. Usually they transfere to another county when you are a problem child so to speak or they are overloaded with monitoring.
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