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Mrs. Smith has 5 lbs of fruit. She has 1.25 lbs less apples than pears, how many lbs of apples does she have?

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Mrs. Smith's apples have 1.875 lbs. This is calculated by expressing the given statements in terms of variables. Therefore, let apple be a and pears be p. Both fruits, a + p = 5 lbs, while pears, p = 1.25 + a. Substitute in the total equation, a + 1.25 + a = 5. 2a = 5 - 1.25 =3.75, a = 3.75/2 = 1.875. Pears, p = 1.25 + 1.875 = 3.125.

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Let a = lbs. of apples
p = lbs. of pears
1) a + p = 5
2) p - 1.25 = a
Substitute 2) into 1) for a.
p-1.25 + p = 5
2p - 1.25 = 5
+ 1.25 +1.25
2p = 6.25
/2 /2
p = 3.125, a= 3.125-1.25=1.875
So she has 1.875 lb of apples. ANS.

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Hi Claire! It's nice to wake up and see you here, promise me, if we don't meet here on earth, we'll both find each other in heaven! We're stripping wall paper today here at the house, so we're early to bed and early to rise :). Talk later Love you gal! Beth
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Pease tell me who won on PR and what the challenge was.
Stripping wallpaper? I will really pray for you!!!!
Petey is my sweetie and he's in my lap.
Here's a a new TV show to watch:
Call the Midwife on PBS. Here it's
on Thursday night at 10pm. It is set in
post WWll London. I like it as much as
DA. More soon, Love, Claire
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Hi Claire! I've seen the previews for your show, and I will check It out because if you like it, I probably will too :). Okay on PR, Amanda won, and the victory was so sweet because she was the one who everybody voted should go last week, because she stressed her team mates out when she got artistically stuck on that moss dress last week! The challenge was to dress Miranda Lambert. They divided into teams of two, one did a stage look, and the other did a red carpet look. There were two who did a short flapper type-fringe dress, (i have always wanted to dance in one of those!). Amanda, and the guy with the round, bald Charlie-Brown head :). He mixed some silver chains in with the fringe that added a cool, biker chick vibe that Miranda can wear when she sings "gunpowder and lace" or some such country revenge song :) but there's plenty more to make it a point to watch later , I also like the rocker girl with the dark short haircut, do you have free on demand ? We did with AT&T in Atl. Not here tho...well, I'll check back later bye friend! Beth
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