Is the Gateway schooling program a rip off?

I have been in the Gateway educational program for my entire Junior year so far since August, so I only have a couple of months left of my Junior year. Since the day I have been enrolled, I don't think I have learned a thing. In regular high school, I was bullied and picked on is the reason I decided to join the Gateway program, but at least when I was in public high school I seemed to make good grades and I actually learned things. But since I have joined, I have been making good grades, but the work is seriously like baby work, except for the math which is very hard. The way it works is they give you booklets to complete and once you have completed them all you go and test over them and then after you test over all your year's work, they pass you to the next grade. So my question is, do you think paying $75 a month is a rip off for Gateway school? I am debating on going back to High School for my senior year and just ignoring all of my past bullies and so I want to know some of your opinions. Thank you! :)

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