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How to get a new dog from biting and growling at my other dogs?

I just got a new cockapoo yesterday and each time she goes near my cocker spaniels, or they walk up to her to sniff her she growls and shows her teeth she was with other dogs when we got her and i think she may have had a litter of puppies because there was a puppy with her and another male cockapoo but the puppy was about 11 weeks to 24 weeks and her nipples were a little swollen and she isnt spayed or doesn't have any shots that we know of, is it because she is used to protect her puppy and she isn't with him any more or is it cause she has really matted hair (i am going to take her to the groomers on friday) what is it? And her old owners neglected her in the feild with the other dogs and she was a stray for accouple days..... Soooo what is it?

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It's territorial-ism and aggression. Did you introduce your dogs on neutral grounds? She may also have picked up aggressive habits from her past owner. Obedience training, and firm but not mean correction.

She may also feel defensive because of the past neglect. Just make sure to socialize with both dogs plenty yourself, and provide lots of supervised playtime for them together. Do not allow any aggressive or possessive behaviors to go uncorrected - from either dog.

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Ok thanks
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Try a muzzle or call the Dog Whisperer ;

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