Did the Tuscarora Indians encounter and raid Pirates?

Were there any pirates during the War of the Tuscarora Indians in North Carolina in Bath Town? I have heard that it is thought to be that Edward Teach aka: "Blackbeard the Pirate" actually fought the Native Americans in several battles before he was captured and killed in the infamous Battle of Ocracoke Inlet by Lieutenant Governor Robert Maynard on deck, but the Tuscarora Nation, however, battled all kinds of English settlers as well at that time. Though we mistake Blackbeard as an "Arrgh Matey" and a stereotypical "Walt Disney Yo Ho ho and a Bottle of Rum" pirate that drinks and sings "Yo Ho, yo Ho a Pirate's Life for Me!" Is it possible, however, that Edward Teach or Drummond battled and raided the Tuscarora Nations of the 1711 War? When pirates landed ashore on the Outer Banks beaches in present-day, Hatteras, is it possible that the Tuscarora Wars with pirates took place as far South as the Cape Fear River?

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