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When trying to control your breathing after a workout... if there is tightness in your upper chest area, is it better to force

yourself to take extremely deep breaths or to hit the point of where it's just slightly uncomfortable and stop. I'm in extremely bad shape and just starting to get back into cardio. If I take the deep deep breaths it hits the point of almost wanting to cough... but it makes me think that I'm expanding my lung capacity. Which is better?

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When you're huffing from cardio training, don't force yourself to take huge breaths. Instead, take medium-sized breaths and try to slow them doen a little. You'll do better expanding your lung capacity by doing "yoga breathing" (look it up) as part of your non-cardio exercise.

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10-4 thank you sir. That'll be good b/c I was thinking of doing some light yoga to help stretch. Thanks!
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Always breath slowly. Taking a deep of breath as possible, without pain, in through your nose and out through your mouth. Repeat about ten times. When you force breath or breathe too quickly you could cause yourself to hyperventilate.

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