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How bad can sinus be to ignore someone alot? Pleassse plz read really need advice i dont wanna be heartbroken?

My bf has had sinus for 5 days says hes rly sick
VRY less communication, extremely late and short txt no calls or anything, although hes up and on fb. i wrote all some sweet stuff for our fourth month anniversary on fb. This mornin he was like how do u unhide an activity cuz i accidentally hid ur post... I told him how to fix it he said ok ill do it later
it seems like he's been ignoring me.
He claims hes been sleeping most the time have flu, i agree and understand but y would he hide my post
I've been worried after this 1 txt
-do i get to see whats next or do i wait(even though ive seen it before) ;)
Me:what u mean
Him:i knew u took a pic of me when i took a shower at ur house shouldn't i get one back
Me:no i didnt
Him:i completely messed that txt up
Me: what u meant to say
Him: idk lost my train of thoughts
Me: i thought it was meant for someone else
Him: um no why would i send something like that to someone
And then: oh never mind i meant to put the shower thing somewhere in there but messed it up Sorry MY BAD
But that text was just random
Then after like four hrs he sent : I love u soo much baby girl sleep well and goodnight<3

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It sounds like he is double dealing with you and at least one other girl. I think he got his texts wrong and mis texted you when he meant to text someone else. By the way everyone has sinuses, they are a normal part of the human body, and not a medical condition. I could be wrong about this guy but it sounds like he moved on and didn't have the class to be honest with you about it. I think if I were you, I'd tell him something lame back like I have stomach and ignore him. He isn't being honest or fair with you. That means he isn't worthy of you.

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Thats what i think but hes extremely against cheating thats what confuses me
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It sounds more like he's more against beinghonest with you then being against cheating. If the picture and shower thing never happened with you who did it happen with. And when he sent the text about I love you so much baby girls sleep well and goodnight<3 after 4 hours of silence it sounds like he was in the middle of texting someone else. So he claims to be too sick to talk or to text with you. But he's not too sick to FB and text with someone else? I don't know I could be wrong about this guy but it sounds like he is being selfish and dishonest with you.
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U are right... But he did took a shower at my place and though i took a pic right them.. But i think he changed the subject. Cuz i dont understand what he meant by whats next or do i gotta wait:/
And i love u text had my name sorry forgot to put in
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Oh so the photo thing did happen with you and he was talking to you? That's different. I don't know. But it still sounds like he isn't being honest with you. But it would be unfortunate if you did somethign rash based on circumstantial information only to find out too late that you did something you might regret. I guess the best thing you can do for yourself is have a heart to heart. Tell him how you feel. I hope this helps.
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Mhm it did but that was just his thinking i didnt do anything like that
Just at this very moment he woke up and texted me "just woke up to tell u goodnight baby<3" been confusing me alot
So you're right i should have a convo to see and ask him if hes still happy and where does he think our relationship is going
Im just afraid he might get mad since hes sick and may think im being weird or something
But thanks for ur help appritiate it
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sings infection can be bad and last a while
seriously,language is a great thing and texting is two dimensional,TALK to him,you can express yourself better,you can tell better by the tone of his voice how he feels than with a lame smiley or an acronym

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I'm just afraid he might get mad since hes sick
I try to talk on phone he doesnt talk much
I donno how to really start the topic
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Your boyfriend might be tired with the relationship and is using the bad sinus as an excuse. It would be best for the two of you to talk about your relationship and what both of you want of it.

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What if he has on fb hes really sick and bla bla
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forget Facebook,it isn't reality,if you are in a relationship he should talk about it...its best you know,good or bad
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You might not WANT to be heartbroken but it sure looks as though it is headed in that direction. You need to confront him.

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I have to agree with nblack. My main question is why would he "hide" the post to begin with unless there is somebody he doesn't want to see it? If you two are together, there is no sense in him having to hide anything. I would back off texting and calling him and see where HE takes it from there. If he really doesn't mean anything by how distant he is acting, he will ask you why you haven't called/texted. If he says nothing about the lack of communication on your part, that should tell you something.

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Thank you ma'am
And i was wondering the exact same thing because it is not that easy to hide something accidentally
Although he has me in his relationship thing on fb but idk if people can see and some older posts but i guess hes just becoming a little distant now a days. He just texted me saying goodnight baby and stuff when i replied he started telling me how hes feeling better and thankfully answers are bigger
I just dont know how to ask him about "accidently hiding something" and why he hasnt fixed it yet
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You are right. There steps to go through to "hide" a post. It isn't accidental. And, if he accidently "hid" it, he could just as quickly "unhide" it, if he wanted to.
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Exactly :/ so sad to know he would rather hide my stuff then show it i should probably start to think about moving on maybe cuz i have no idea how to confront him about it..
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First of all, your "sinus" is a part of everyone's body. Your sinuses are in your nose and they are connected to your ears and throught. So does he mean that his sinuses hurt? If they do, those kind of pains don't last longer than a day or two if it's really bad and you usually get sinus pain if you have allergies. Second of all, how old are you/him? The grammar in this is horrible and unless you are stupid, you know what your sinuses are. How long have you been dating? If it's been a while, maybe he is getting tired of the relationship. If it hasn't been that long, maybe he just doesn't want to hurt your feelings.

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U can just simply answer the question with out judging my grammar, that would've been very sweet
I'm 18 he's 21(very soon)
Just got in the forth month!
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