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Is it possible to fall head over heels for a guy you barely know? (Not love just almost in love...)

there's this guy I know, and I can never stop thinking about him. I know some people will say I'm a teenager and it's crazy, but I don't think (almost) love has an age limit. I've never felt this way about another person before, I've had big crushes before, but I've known the person for like a year, I've only known this guy for about two months and I can't describe how I feel, my friends think I'm crazy, but he likes another girl and I have felt so horrible ever since I found out he likes her, is it possible to like a person so much so fast while barely knowing them?

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Sorry, a bit tedious
Yes, believe me its possible. Even in a shorter while than that.
Just think of these:
You say that you don't know him, so he definitely has some flaws. OK, all of us have flaws, but more important is that you don't know what they are. They might be some horrible ones.
And you say that he loves another person. So, he is not for you.
Deep in your mind, through your logic, you know what I said. But your heart doesn't wanna believe them. It's doing its job. It's up to you to ignore and it'll pass and you'll be surprised by that.
Every time you find yourself thinking about him, immediately change what you do to change your thought.
Avoid places where he s, if possible.
(I know these are hard to do, but you KNOW that they are right)
Best of luck!

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Ok thanks
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How long did it take you to wright that..?
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LIke 5- 10 min. Doesn't matter, usually do that :)
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Whether it is possible to fall head over heels doesn't really matter if he likes somebody else. Chances are you will be the one to get hurt. I would move on and focus on other things and other people.

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