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"I chase the bank, i don't bank wit chase" what does this quote mean can someone tell me what it mean?

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It sounds like an advertising jingle by one of the Chase Manhattan Bank's rivals. It implies that smart people would chase (choose) a better bank than C.M. It's just a clumsy play on words.

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Goodday Dodgy!:-). Was telling hubby earlier I was searching for you to see if any good new interesting stories/wordplays... He got a great kick out of your
'Toilet Bowl' one and some on your Blogs:-).
How's things? Daizy getting better?
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That's kind of you, Witte. I must get those blogs moving again. I stopped writing them till I completed my novel and didn't get back to them.

Daizy's improved a bit but still very tentative. She had to buy a (folding) walking stick and she's not game to go anywhere without taking it in her bag. If it hasn't improved by the time we get home she'll need to have it seen to.

Since I stopped answering religious questions (what's the point?) I haven't found as many that suit my style, but still spend some time here each day. Not so many answers, though.
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Hi, David. What happened to Daizy? I hope she's okay.
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Look forward to more on your blogs when you do!:-)
Your book and tons of others are sitting calling my name...
Don't know if you caught that I'm finally going up to Florida Monday to hopefully get some answers/cure for these Durn Headpains/eye probs. miss my full reading!!! Might have to get you to do an Audio-version for me! Hey, that actually would be cool!! Any inclination?
Daizy; wouldn't it be good idea anyway to have that checked out? From what you've described and all she's accomplished, she sure doesn't seem the type to have something like this hold her down! Hope it gets worked out.:-)

Not sure what you mean by "whats the point" on religious questions... Actually quite surprised to hear that coming from you...
You always seem to have good insights and when needed fun twists!
Are the fanatics actually getting to you? Sry, just tell me to stuff it if being my
over-inquisitive self..:-).
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What are they actually going to do for you in Florida? Hope it's successful. Pain and bad health are things we can do without. But, no, I don't think I'd have the range of voices necessary to do an audio version ... it's an intriguing thought, though.

Daizy has had two particularly bad experiences in hospital, both caused by incompetence and carelessness. On the first of those occasions a nurse told her that they'd actually wheeled her out into the corridor on a gurney so that if she died it wouldn't have been in the theatre. She'd have died of post-operative complications. She's very reluctant to get medical help these days and has more problems than this latest one. She just battles through them.

My what's the point is that I'm not persuading anybody of anything. Religious people have normally been so badly brainwashed by their parents and their religious upbringing that it would be a major step for them to face any alternative to their training. I just don't want to turn into one of those reverse-bigots and keep insisting that I know the answers when, really, I only know the probabilities. Quite a few of the people I really like on Ask are Christians and, although they're not of the tub-thumping variety, I don't like offending them.
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Hi Marcus: She just got old. Her parts are wearing out. I'm thinking of trading her in on a new, younger model.

How's life in Marcusville?
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Life in Marcusville isn't well right now and I prefer to not talk about it until I cool off.
That's tough. I hope the best for her.
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And I hope the best for you, Marcus.
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Dodgy, please do keep the Audio idea swimming around.. Some of my favourite audio books are actually not those where too much emphasis is on "acting the parts", takes away from the story itself quite often.
Rather like those read by authors/readers who like the story and characters enough to let it do the telling. The worst are the "over-emoters"(bad English?).
If your ever in the mood to try a really good Reading of a fun set of books,
Highly reccomend Alexander McCall Smith > "The Finer Points of Sausage Dogs", or any of his "No 1 Ladies Detective Agency" series; actually just about anything of his. He, like you, has a good eye and pen for people and their quirks.
You may allready have read some of his books?

Totally sympathize with Daizy's opinion and dislike of Hospitals; I also am still alive DESPITE their (agghhmm) care... Nough said....

Yet for me right now after 3 months (hadn't realized it's been that bad for that long!) of things just getting worse , am scheduled to see a Neurology specialist in Head/Spine to hopefully figure out what's causing the increasing severe head pains, dizzyness, declining eye sight etc. what are they going to do for me??
Guess it depends... Just know I'd like at least a few fully functioning days a week, could deal with the pain.. Its the not being able to do things part..bah!
Anyway.. We shall see..:-).
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Thanks, David. Always good to hear from you.
Wittepier, I can't pass you up without saying hi. I hope you're well.
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Thought it was you who had said the important thing is not neccesarily to "convince", but rather to put out there another point of view for the younger generation especially, to know there are other ideas and options as they grow and figure out who and what they are.. May have been CalTex or Caluvox(sp?), or all of you who at some point said that..
Find that to be of great importance.
Do emphatise with the possible offense to those I also like very much who are from all kinds of religions, and you may have noticed I don't often step into the "heavy religious" discussions.. Mostly because I have found my peace with my hmmm for lack of better words.. Non-religion and don't have strong enough feelings about individual religions to speak I guess you might say.. There are times when I would like to "shake some sense" into those who spout blindly and without any original thought but know that those are going to be and stay doing that so like you... No thanks...
Guess I just contradicted myself didn't I? Hmmm

Speaking of eyes.. This is the longest I've been able to look at any writing in a while! Better take a break.. Before I bore you to pieces and 4-legged's are calling for dinner. Catch ya later!:-).
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So sorry to hear that your health is so low. I knew there were problems but didn't realise how bad they were. Do keep us posted on how you get on with the neurologist.

Yes, you're right. I did say that. I think it's important that kids should realise there's an alternative but I feel as though I'm belting my head against the wall. In one of his epistles Paul wrote, "I am become all things to all men that I might by all means save some." It's an admirable attitude even though I disagree with his outcome. Maybe I'll have another look at those questions and see if I can find a less acerbic way of giving an opinion.

Back to your problems: you may find that it's a nasty form of migraine. I get migraines but, surprisingly, without the headache. But I can fall over while I'm simply walking along the street,. and I frequently lose my vision for 20 minutes at a time. Maybe yours will be as simple as that. I hope it's no worse.
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@Marcus, hanging in sorta, thanks for asking.:-).
Hope things cooled off for you by now? Take care!:-).

@Dodgy, better not let Daizy hear you looking into "Lemon Laws"! Lol.
Have and are looking back into the Migraine issue, it's one I've had of and on all my life, so could very well just be one gaint one.. Just want to be able to at least drive and read semi-normal again....
Had no idea you suffered from that form... Has that been since youth?
will keep ya'll updated on if need just a partial or total lobotomy..ha,ha..
Sry, gallows humour....
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It's orright, Daizy's been threatening to do a lobotomy on me for years. And, no, it's fairly recent for me. Probably only the past five years. It took me a couple of years to realise that there was something wrong.
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Daizy and you remind me of us a lot! Lol!
What'd you think when you "fell over"?? Too many Pints with lunch?? :-).
Seriously though, what do you do if it happens while your driving or such?
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I've never fallen when I've been seated and haven't yet lost my vision while driving. These days I prefer not to drive at all and Daizy does the lion's share of it (though that hasn't been possible for the past two weeks). Now that I know what causes it I just wait patiently until it goes away. (I still get peripheral vision so it's not a total loss, though i wouldn't be able to read or to use a computer.)
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Would an Automatic transmission work better with her hip? I have one now and can drive it the "correct way" with one leg, but think all the years of 2- leg clutch driving ingrained. Recall when taking my driving test upon moving to the US, the instructor puzzling over wether or not to pass me, one the one hand using both legs a no-no... Yet technically rules only state one foot on either paddle at a time... Which is what I did... Just not the same foot! Lol.
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Probably, but she's not keen on auto transmission and it's unusual for it to trouble her while she's driving. She does a lot of swimming to try to keep it in shape.
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