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Quick survey: what is the solution to (3.541×0.021) - 5.2×10^-3 + (1.221×0.0398), considering d.p's and sig. figs?

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Well its exactly 0.117757 but since the second and thrid numbers only have 2 significant figures, the answer can only have two too, so Answer = 0.12. (The 7 rounds the 0.11 to 0.12)

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Cheers. I figured the same, although it appears that my chem lecturer and I disagree on this...
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Aah...okay, 5.2x10^-3 DOES only have 2 sig figs, however it is to a precision of thousandths, and as long as we're adding/subtracing, we can give the solution to 3 sig figs (because the result of the addition happened to possess that many figures)'s an iffy one...
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