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What ever happened to the relic, the Rood (cross) of Christ?

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If you mean the instrument of execution Christ was tortured and murdered on its likely rotted away to dust by now, chewed up by termites, whatever. That was 2000 years ago. What do you think happened to it? It belonged to the Romans. It was probably re-used numerous times to execute other criminals then tossed in a trash pit outside town or burned as fire wood.
What? You think the grieving family kept something that horrific? Theyd have to steal it our from under the Romans noses. Risk being executed and hung up on a cross themselves? Would the apostles, who still werent convinced he was coming back, go thru the trouble and danger of stealing and hiding a large, heavy cross? Seriously?
Get over the idol worship. That cross is LONG gone.

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ok... Im sorry, I guess I should have been alittle clearer with the question I was trying 2 ask... first off, Im a history kinda guy. The cross in question, is the 1 the Crusaders carried around in battle after they sacked Jeruselem. It more than likely not even a cross ever used in a real crusifiction let alone the one that Christ was killed on... weather they believe in the cross being real or was just used 2 rally their troops 2 fight 4 BS and call in Gods fight...!?! I personally agree with your view on what prob happened 2 the cross. It would have been a morbid gesture either way... I think its ludicriss 2 think the cross lasted 4 1000+ years let alone 2000 and change... My question was a acidemic one, not a religious one...thanks 4 ur input.
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They were catholic. They probably actually believed it was the actual cross. Some of them anyhow. Theyre into that sort of delusion.
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