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I've decided to seriously think about the possibility of getting a pet. I thought about a Guinea Pig (no), Bearded Dragon (no), and I just got back from PetCo where they let me hold and play with all of their Ferrets. I've decided to do some research first and figure out some things. First few things are: 1- How can you make them not smell? I've heard that the main reason people don't buy them is because they can smell really bad. 2- Should I get one or two? The lady said they're very social and would like a friend, but I though that I could just play with him/her a lot, keep it active. 3- What size tank would be the best? The lady also told me that the bigger the container/cage is the less they'll smell. Maybe I just don't understand. Please help and serious answers only! Thanks! BTW I might ask more ferret questions in the future. :)

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I've rescued ferrets for over 10 years, at one point we had 8!
You can't do anything about the smell but it's not that bad & you get used to it!
They are hilarious, cuddly, just plain fun!
They need time out of the cage everyday!
Don't feed them cat food, they'll poop it all out! Use a quality food!
Be prepared, they live up to seven years!
We've had them live up to 10 yrs old but we take really good care of ours!
We have only one right now, he's a free roamer, he doesn't live in a cage but I don't recommend that unless its all adults in the house cause if they get out, it's bad!No tank, get the largest cage you can!
They can properly breathe in a tank & the smell is much worse!
The lady is right about that!
Also, you need a cage so he/she can't get out!
They do much better in pairs unless you spend 4-5 hours at least a day with them!
I'd recommend 2! Ours is our last one, we're too old to properly care for them but other than that, we've always has more than one!
Males are much more lovable but if you're getting 2 get one of each!
Don't wash them regularly! You'll kill them! You get used to the musty smell, trust me!!
Remember, I have over 10 years experience with ferrets, I can help with any questions! Just post them & I'll answer!

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ok if you want a ferret you need to wash them often so they dont smell. Get 2 if you want them but they can be a responsibility. and for the cage you would want to get them a big one because they love to have fun. and if it is no trouble, you can take them out of the tank but it would be better if you had a cage to put them in while they are out. i hope i helped.

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How many ferrets have you had? If you wanna kill them, just wash them often!
I rescue ferrets for over 10 yrs!
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Sounds like your customer service woman was being a salesperson--get two or more, get a large home, etc. I'd trust 152 long before I'd listen to a salesperson unless they were specially trained and not interested in upping sales.

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I had a friend in 3rd grade who had a ferret. Every day he'd come to school with a new bite mark, but he sure did love that thing. You should get two, because eventually you won't want to play with it as much or you'll be away and you don't want it to get lonely.

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