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8 weeks 5days pregnant. My doc found an M antibody in my blood. Has anyone dealt with this, and what happened?

he took more blood today to see if it increased.

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Ok I'm gonna hit you with some good news! Of all the antibodies that can be found while pregnant M is actually the best one! Best one?? You must be upset and I hope I can help calm you. Type M antibody is the largest of the antibodies and only in a literal handful of cases has been able to make its way from the placenta to the baby. I mean SUPER RARE. What does this mean for your pregnancy? Pretty much nothing. YAY!!

Now I wouldn't be a good person if I didn't lay down what MIGHT occur if you happen to be one of those super rare cases. The absolute worst thing is they may have to perform a blood transfusion in utero. The chances of this are up there with hitting the lotto, so please don't worry. If you are truly concerned there are specialists who deal with this type of thing specifically and your doc can refer you for a visit. But trust me, you and your baby will be just fine and your pregnancy and birth will be completely normal.

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Well thank you so much for taking your time to comment! It feels really good to hear that, and I feel a lot more relief. I guess I got a little worried when I looked online to see what it was exactly. I'm just going to relax and try not to worry. Thanks again!! :)
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No prob! Other antibodies can cause big problems and I can understand where you would be concerned. But M antibody (of you have to have one) is a blessing as its the least likely to affect you or your child in any way. We all know stress isn't good for pregnant mommies so sit back and relax and get your husband to dole out a foot rub!
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lol that is definitely what I'm going to do too! I'm gonna get him to throw in a back rub as well lol. the doc said if the number increased, my hubby will have to get blood work done. I'm praying he doesn't have it in his blood. Doc said if he doesn't, they pretty much know it won't be a problem.
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