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Who would win in a fight?
North American Grizzly vs. Silver back Gorilla

Give details, theories, and some facts! Let's get educated!

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I go with a Grizzly. Why? Cause they stand over 8 feet sometimes, and can kill with a single blow with those gigantic claws. A gorrilla might not survive that blow. I am just guessing.

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Agreed that the swing can kill most small-mid sized creatures! Not to be messed with lol.
However, the Silver Back hasa tad bit more mobility and an incredible charge... I still think we'd get more than a one hitter in that fight.
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i agree the grizzly wins easily they have razor sharp claws it will
Be over in minutes no offense to the gorilla ....

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However, I can bet money that the gorilla does have a hell of a lot of strength and very agile, A bear is tough and strong... but not fast. I wouldn't be so quick on the one hitter theory.
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true true but still in a straight on open field fight the bear wins
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