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What is the best anime show? (preferably 26 episodes long, but any length works). Why?

Please describe what genre of anime it is, if you can. Thanks! :)

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1.Lovely complex...OH MY GOSH I LOVED IT!. So its about this really tall girl who supposebly gets along with this really short guy and well they fight about mostly all the time but they are funny and they like about the same things but still fight, though then their friends tell them to date eachother because they make a cute coupple for this surtain reasons and well they are like NO! specially since the girl is super tall and the guy is short so yeah its gets good and cute WATCH IT! its 25 episode i believe.

2. Kuroshitsuji or black butler. ....its really exiting, about this young guy named Ciel he is 12 and makes a contract with this demon, Sebastian Michaelis, he is now Ciel's butler, the butler helps Ciel accomplish many things through the way, and there is so many things in that anime that i love is funny and sad and funny specially becuase of this character named Grell XD..i love that the characters, they, are so handsome and HA..I fangirl to much to this anime...

There is more but this are my favorite. And hetalia axis powers.

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I like Black Butler, too (the first season). And Hetalia! That show is so funny! :) I'll check out Lovely Complex; I haven't heard about that one, yet.

By the way, Grell is pretty similar personality-wise to Ayame Soma from the Fruits Basket anime, and I was wondering if they are a type of anime character.
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yes first season was awesome. I love hetalia Italy is obviously my favorite, and America.
yes, do so.

Well, i haven't watched Fruits basket soo...but yeah, i guess so
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Case Closed is a detective anime. It's a lot more than 26 episodes, but it's really great. It's about a teenage detective named Jimmy Kudo. One day an organization decides to kill him with some new poison that hasn't been tested on humans yet, and it ends up turning him into a kid instead. So now he solves mysteries as a kid while trying to find the organization so that he can steal a sample of the poison from them and use it to make an antidote.

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