Can i run white ledupto 8hours usingthe 12v wet celland 560, ohmsresistor is it safe?

Can i run white
upto 8hours
the 12v wet cell
and 560, ohms
resistor is it
i have white led
and 12v wetcell
and a resistor of
560,ohms and i
connect it in
accordinly after
8hrs my first led
burn and i
connect another
and the same
problem happen
to both, and i
normally connect
one led and
560,ohms and
still my led burnt
and i even use the
fomular to get
the exact resistor
which is vs-vf/i ,
and put high
resistance to
avoid further
problem by the
eqaution it tell
me to use
435,ohms and i
use 560,ohms but
still the battery
burn my led can
any one please
helpme and tell
me why my led is
burning up?

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