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What should I pack for Italy and Spain?

it's a school trip. we leave on march 22 and come home April 4. A list would be very helpful thank you!

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First off let me say that's Awesome! :D But you should pack:
Food (Snacks)
Phone (& Phone Charger)
Paper (to Draw on or Take Notes)
Anything else you can think of that u think might be important is good as well! :)

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Bouna sera, il mio neuvo amico! Italia...Espania...ottimo! Io sono Guido da Cleveland, Ohio. I would like to ask 2 things...#1. are u male of female? I ask this only because in most cases, guys seem 2 be more Spartan when it comes 2 what we think we need 2 pack and what we "really" need 2 pack. In any case, we always need extra $ 4 what we 4got 2 pack...well, I do anyways. #2. Where are ur voyages going 2 be taking U? The north of both countries are higher elevations and mountianous regions. If ur going 2 be on the Mediterranean Sea, the temp. will be alot like the temp in North Flordia or South Georgian coast is now. Pack the hygiene products u need/use but remember, almost anything u use in America, they have there with diffrent brand names. An electrical adapter 4 cell phone charger, hair dryer, ect..., always atleast 1 pair of comfortable shoes, bathing suit, 2 shorts (pair that can be used as swim suit if guy) and 2 jeans, 4 shirts (atleast 1 casual dress), at least 4 pairs of underwear and socks, a light coat and hoodie. I dont know what snacks the other post told u 2 pack but, I would'nt waste room in ur bag with food, maybe gum u like....idk? The food is great there! Try everything that looks good 2 you! Always remember, street food is subject anywhere on earth! There are bugers and fries everywhere. You'll see "Wack Arnalds" and "Much Bucks" (McDonalds n Star Bucks) all over Europe. I hope I was helpfull. If you make it 2 Palermo, Sicila, throw 5 stones at 5 people 2 the south of the city. Tell them ur sorry 4 hitting them wid da pebbles. After they stop swearing at your crazy American self, tell them Guido from Cleveland told you 2 throw da stones and I says "Che cosa e' la Famiglia...?"....2 of the 5 people will prob. be my cousins! lol jk... I hope you have the time of your life! If I can help with any other questions, please feel free 2 ask. Bouna Fortuna

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Thank you so much! I'm a girl and we are going to Rome, Florence and Madrid.
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Well then, Im glad I could help with my answer. You're heading in2 the heart of the Rennesiance. I hope u have the time of you're life young lady! A bit of American "old guy 2 young lady" out 4 the slick talkin' Spanish and especially the Italian pinchy dudes you run in2 over there. Bouna fortuna, Ciao
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