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How to keep room cool at high humid and hot place like Kolkata without air conditioner

Need suggestion to keep cool my room but without air conditioner.The air-cooler could be work but main problem is high humidity (65%-75%) at summer. So I am searching an alternative. So please suggest me something. My budget is at most 10k inr .

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Damp curtains with fan blowing as kven suggested works good, also when it would get really Hot-Humid and no Power I would actually Soak my T-Shirt and helped a lot!
Know that Wet in Humid conditions may seem counter-intuitive but.. works!
Especially with Fans blowing.
If you can afford even a small Airco, make sure to have all windows and doors sealed really well, a major part of the Energy expended by an Airco goes to lowering Humidity
rather than just cooling, so by preventing extra humidity from entering you could set the Thermostat much higher for Cool results.:-)

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Hey, Mirror Twin! I just have a quick minute. I wanted to update you on Amy, but in a couple of conversations, there have been some rude remarks about her. :( So, I had the great update yesterday. This morning the vet said she is running 102.2 temp and she quit eating yesterday afternoon. He said he is not nervous, but he wants to keep her for observation. He is changing the antibiotics. Just wanted to let you know. How are you?
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Heya Twin friend, power went out( again!) and fabulous generator on the fritz...:-(.
So just caught up.. Sounds like Amy doing ok, not eating wouldn't worry me much for day or so either; she's likely bit miserable between being there and Meds etc., good to keep her for observation though just in case something needs doing quickly and if need be they can "feed" her intravenously..
Pneumonia a thoughy for people and animals and she's so little, I assume they need to monitor Antibiotics and type carefully. Plus you said he's a acquaintance/friend of yours so sure he would tell you if he really was concerned. Keep on sending you and Amy "Strenght Blankies"!!:-).
Now who the heck would be saying rude things???? Uncalled for!! Let me at em!! Grrrrrrr!!!
Seriously... Mirror Twin, in your parlance; my prayers are going strong for ya'll!
Please keep me updated.:-). And Hang in!
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Thank you, Twin Friend. I appreciate your comments and concern. I really, really appreciate the strength blankies and prayers! Update an hour and half ago, she is doing better!! He wanted to change the antibiotics and that was a good move. We are supposed to get a large amount of snow tomorrow, so she may be there longer than expected. He said that was fine. I know that there is an apartment upstairs and someone stays there at the clinic.
Rude people say rude things. Really, it was just in passing and they maybe didn't realize how sick Amy is. Just a comment about hating silly little dogs and one making me feel stupid. I was overly sensitive, but I just didn't want to broadcast anything else about her, ya know?
You sound good. Is that true? Are your spirits better, friend? How is your hero dog baby?
Thanks again.
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Glad to hear she doing better! Yeah!!:-),:-),:-).
Wow, nice Vet set-up, wouldn't feel bad about leaving my Sweeties there!
Been a few "Rude-ies" on today... Wish they'd just suck-up their negativity and stop broadcasting it! Bleeeegh! I just keep asking them "very nicely"(lol) if they're having a bad day.. He,he.. Not too many comments on that!
But yeah, know what ya mean; don't want to deal with them when your allready feeling worried and vulnerable.. Offer stands, will Grrrrrr them for you! Smiles!!
Actually having pretty S--day myself, tired, frustrated and Head Hurts!!:-(.
But just trying to shrug it off and keep on keepin on..
Our Hero Dog doing great, loving the extra protein "snacks" vet sent home with him. Actually need to go see about feeding 4-footers asap, allready later than their usual( not used to longer days yet.)
Quick good news; the She-Dog he "saved" doing great, she went home yesterday! Yeah!!!:-).
Be back later... :-)
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Yes! Hero Dog and She-Dog are doing great! But, I am sorry that you're not feeling good. :(
I appreciate the Grrrrrrr offer, not now - but, the night is young!!
I am finishing up at school and getting ready to pack up some things to take home. If we get the amount of snow they are predicting, we probably won't be here tomorrow and maybe Friday. So, I'll take some paperwork home. I work in such a small district that most of the bus routes are small, winding country roads that do not get cleared quickly. We close school more than our neighboring larger districts.
Okay, I'm going to go so I can finish and head home. I'll check with you later! :)
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i think in places like Kolkata you must be experiencing frequent power cuts as well-i think you could use khus curtains sprinkle adequate water and put the fan on-it may keep the temp cool and pleasant

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Hi kven! Great advice!:-).
How are you? And the Family?
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how is ur health??? Family is great-sorry last time i disturbed you when it was 1 am and here india was cozy 1130am afternoon- as promised by you expecting you and your family to visit India at the earliest -
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No worries about time difference, my Comp. doesn't ring! Ha,ha..
All tests done in Florida last week show "Normal", the Neurologist believes
I have a Severe case of Chronic Migraines/Headaches and since none of the
Other Meds have worked the concensus now is to try Botox injections in the head and neck.
Am not crazy about the idea of having a Deadly Toxin in my body, but these treatment have been used both Medically and Cosmetically since the 1960's and
seem reasonably safe, with good results. Want my Life back, so am willing to try.
Waiting for approval and shipment to the Island, should be within 2weeks or so,
Will let you know.:-). Thanks for asking!
India on my List!:-).
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my humble suggestion regarding your sickness -in INDIA there is well known yoga expert by name Baba Ramdev -just googlr it -he runs a medical center all over india by name pathanjali clinic where patients are given herbal treatment-my mother in law about a year back had a serious sickness and was diagonised as liver cyrosis -she was admitted to the best hospital here but not much cure after taking the medicines from Baba Ramdev DOCTOR opined that her liver is better than his-Try to contact him-i think he must be having clinics in US-You may write to him for what ever it is worth
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Thank you, will look into it, just as soon as our power/Wi-Fi comes back on...
Our Horrible-Way Overpriced WAPA, just decided to take one of it's 3++weekly breaks.:-(.
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any help from my side -pl shout and order -good night
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Thank you my friend, will keep that in mind. Good night!:-).
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P.S., what is a "Khus" curtain?
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khus is a very fragrant grass grass grown in INdia and other parts of SE asia-also known as chrysopogon zizanoi grass-apart from various medical properties -irt used as a coolent and used in water coolers-it smells like lemon grass-i request you to google -khus-remarkable god given gift -pl read it in google
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Neat, looked it up and other than it it's being a nice grass-like plant( think it allready grows here..looks familiar. But what's even more interesting to me is the link within the article about ; "The Vetiver System(VS)", a system of soil and water conservation whose main component is the use of the Vetiver plant in hedgerows. Promoted by the Vetiver Network International(TVNI) an international 'non-governmental organization.
It talks about the use of the plant in over 100 countries for soil and water conservation, infrastructure stabilazation, pollution control, waste water management, and on and on...., all based upon a system using your Khus grass!
. You should Google it!!:-). VERY interesting!!
And very applicable to us here on Island,
and in particular to my husband and I as we have problems with quite a few of the issues discussed( soil/infrastructure stabilazation, sediment control, etc).
Thank you very much indeed for that push to looking up your amazing Khus!!( the variety used originates in South India!:-).
Will have to look into applying some of these uses right here on our property!:-).
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Whoa, got so exited about that I forgot to look up the other properties you refered to; Cooling, Medicinal etc., will have to go back.. Ha,ha. Fun, fun!
Learning new interesting things is always fun to me.:-).
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it has a peculiar lemon grass fragrance -very cool-and during earlier days people used to put this khus in earthen ware pots containing water keep it overnight and drink it -very cooling and nice taste-we have khus serbat or syrups used during summer days
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Hmmm, that sounds good! So I could get an extra bonus beyond the soil control
By planting Khus; by using it in water and such. Would be nice, we have good rain water in our cisterns and adding Khus would enhance it even more.:-).
So when using it as "curtain" in your cooling , it's just tied in line to cover and hang down an area with fan blowing across?
How long does it hold it's fresh-cooling effect? I.e. how often should you replace it with new?
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we can always see even in modern day cars when travelling in hot places -its roof is covered with this carpet duly watered -it keeps the inside of the vehicle cool-during ancient days the kings were fanned by making mats overhead by this grass-now your question regarding replacement the mat can be used for years without replacement unless it is used inside watercoolers-before using fan pl ensure that at regular intervals the mat is watered-
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Ah, sounding more and more familiar; used in the Philippinnes also!:-).
Will have to try this, only problem here on Island is that we get Black Mold very easily in anything Organic which retains moisture... And in this Marine Environment that means all the time..:-).
So would need to change it more often I guess.. , therefore.. A simple version would be better.:-). Very doo-able. Thank you again!
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Where I am from kolkata there is very very few power cuts all over the year. So power cuts not a problem.

any air-cooler with humid control does work for it?
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Yes, a major part of the cooling capacity of an Airco is the removal of Humidity, that's why it's important to have it slightly tilted if it's a window unit, so drips out and doesn't collect in drain-pan( or do as we did and drill few small holes in pan).
Or if Split-type unit, needs the drain hose un-obstructed.
The stand-alone units that you can buy have a internal drain-pan which you have to empty or the Unit will shut down( can attach drain hose to larger variety).. those are the least efficient and our least favourite, but sometimes have no choice.:-(.
So yes, airco's will definitly lower Humidity! Know it seems weird, on one hand you want the air drier.. As with an Airco; on the other.. w/out Airco, Humidity distributed directly on the body or such with air blowing across will cool. It's same principle as when sweating and a wind blows... You 'feel' cooler.
Hope you figure it out; it's beginning to get more Hot and Humid here in the Caribbean..and within few months will feel almost like your home!:-).
Hope our split Units will work. Sometimes they have a mind of their own and just quit.:-(. Good luck!
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The best way of keeping your room cool at high humid and hot place would be opening some windows so that cooler air may blow in. It would also be advisable to have fans installed and switch them on when the temperatures rise, turn off all heat sources and try putting smooth white fabrics in your house as they will reflect heat instead of absorbing it.

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