I cant do Kratos default 6 hit combo in god of war ascension

Just to clarify i can do this combo but it only seems to work when it wants to?? In all previous GOW games it is a simple 6 hit combo {which is like his default move} that i cant seem to pull off consistently,it is square,square,square,square,square triangle. Now i can do this {sometimes} if i'm flooded by enemies but cannot do it on demand & its very frustrating. Does anyone else notice this?? Is it something im not doing right? Is it a power you have to upgrade? In every other GOW game i can walk around & whenever i feel like it pull this move off but in ascension it dont work. Now this move has been an integral part of Kratos since GOW1 & it baffles me that after 5 games its been changed in this GOW. Any thoughts or suggestions appreciated,Please Help??

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