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I have 2 recent removed questions.

I need help to put this question down so it doesn't get removed.

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If you don't want your Q removed, be sure you word it clearly; be sure it's easy to understand what it is you're asking about.
Do NOT to use any "colorful" language, spell everything correctly, don't be offensive in any way. If you do that, you should have no problem keeping your Q posted. :)

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word clearly: check
understanding: check
"colorful:" ?
Spelled correctly: check
Offensive: not check
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Hehehehe!! I like your "checks." :D

"Colorful language" means curse/swear and/or any inappropriate/offensive words. I'd give you examples, but my comment will be removed, ha!
Just use common sense when it comes to that & ask your question in a way that it's easy to understand, non-offensive, etc.... all the stuff I said in my original answer.
You need to be able to put a "check" on both colorful & "offensive"... then... your question should be kept up -- good luck & I'll answer if I can... :)
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colorful: no check. what i mean by "No check" is that it isn't offensive and there is no colorful language.
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Umm... I'm getting confused here... :-/
Just ask your Q now & see what happens....
OR... if you want -- ask it right here, in comments, as a "preview."
That way, if there's anything "wrong" with it, I can correct any "wrong" stuff before you post it! :)
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i posted this 2 times; "what is love?"
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Hmm... I don't know why that would be removed, other than the possibility that it is too vague...? (ust a guess there.)

Try wording it more like,
"In your opinion, what do YOU think love is?"

That way, it's more directed at individual opinions, rather than one, specific, "correct" answer... since there really isn't one! :)

Also, it might make a difference which category you post it in -- so, try posting it under"Miscellaneous," or "Philosophy, Spirituality, Religion" (whatever the exact name is!), or "Polls."
That should (SHOULD, I say... 'cause I'm not a mod, haha) be just fine... :) If ya post right now... I'll try to give you an answer... or my opinion on the topic...
"Tic-tic... tic-toc.... tic-toc"... It is 5:39 EST.... :D
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Oh well, guess I missed it.... 8:04 AM EST... :(
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you didnt miss a thing...
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Cool... haha! :)
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and.....i asked the question as you would like......i dont think it was removed yet!
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Was your question specific enough to be answered?

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yes, very. it was actually an opinion question, i expected to get different answers.
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