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I have become disabled due medical conditions, but why is it harder to get pain medication? Its clear by Xrays & such I need it? Anyone?

I can get it but its like Drs fear giving it out now? I dont understand? Thanks for any help. :)

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It is getting like that almost everyplace. It is because oppiate addiction has become such an epidemic of late. I know of several doctors here who can no longer even write narcotics because of writing "to many". It seems a bit crazy to me, as there are people who truly need the medication, and if is out there, why not prescribe it to those that are documented and truly need it.....A friend of mines mother kept telling her doctor she was in severe pain, and she had tests run...but in the meantime, he gave her nothing. It ended up that she had cancer, stage four, and passed away within a week, yet she had been telling him for months of her pain. Doctors are scared, I think.

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oh thats really sad. I would feel heartless id I was a dr & let someone hurt. :(
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It was sad. I was in shock!!!!! At first they told her it was because of her "age" that they wouldn't give her anything, but we all knew it wasn't that. Her daughter was on some pretty strong pain meds also, and her doctor took her off of all of them, and told her she needed to see if a pain clinic could help, as he no longer treated "chronic pain"
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