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Do i have stress headachs?

my school scheduel is sort of crazy and my spanish teacher thinks i get stress headaches
my head hurts and under and behind my eyes does too.
also back behind my neck and like under my neck
if so how do i fix this?

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Do you wear your hair in ponytails a lot?
Do you stare at a computer or TV screen for several hours?
Do you lean over papers when you are writing or reading?
Do you grind your teeth?
Do you have allergies?

Behind your eyes would be a sinus headache. Try some sinus meds like cetrizine for a few days and see if that helps. Everything I listed would be causes of headaches or migraines. The headaches could also be due to your vision... I would suggest going to the eye doctor to see if you need glasses.

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i have a contact for my left eye (my right is perfect)
i have a pixie hair cut
i can hardly use the computer
it might be the paper one....
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if its behind your eyes its either your seeing problems or your sleeping schedule

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i sleep 8 hours at night and i have glasses/contacts
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are they the right prescription and is ur sleeping schedule regularly followed? like u go to bed the same time every night
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Id say its stress headaches if you think negatively alot.

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