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How to deal with collection agencies if they are calling the wrong person?

Few days ago, an unknown number started calling my land-line, and leaving a message asking for someone that has the same last name I have to return the call. After two days, this number kept calling again and again asking for the same person who has no relation to my family. Finally, my mother decided to answer, and they identified themselves as a collection agency asking us to pay a debt that we never had. My mother answer was "there is no body by this same live here!". They replied "Where did he go then!". At then end, I believe that my mother hang up on them. Today, we received a letter by mail with all the information such name of the person, our address, amount of debt, deadline to pay, etc.

How did they get our information and relate it to that guy? What is the worse case scenario for this situation? Can they force us to pay a debt we never had? Can I screw them over if they went to small claim court? Can I take them to court for their unacceptable behavior?

Their phone calls and letters started to be annoying to my family and I. I even told them next time they call to give me the phone so I can yell at and threaten them.

I live in Ottawa, ON, Canada

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Having the last name of Smith, I've been through this.
Do NOT handle this by phone. Ask the collection agency to send you a bill in the mail. Send to them a letter explaining you are not the person responsible for the debt. Cite your birthday & last 4 digits of your SS#. Send a photocopy of your drivers license or passport. Demand they correct any negative reports sent to Experian, Equifax, & TransUnion in your name. Ask for a prompt reply but demand no further collection activity to you at your address & phone.
You may want to get a copy of your credit report from all 3 agencies to be certain your credit score hasn't been harmed.

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Well, if they have the wrong name, how is it possible they are going to report my name to the credit rating agencies?
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They only have the address, phone number, and last name. Other than that,I never heard of the first name they claim that he owe them money, and I never had nor anyone of my family members a wal-mart credit card.
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They will report YOUR name, YOUR address and YOUR information because it is the closest match they have to the person for whom they are looking. They hear all the time that they have the wrong person, sometimes that is true, sometimes it is not. Tell them to take you to court. That will both get them off your back AND provide you with evidence to submit to the credit reporting bureaus that you are NOT responsible for this debt.

It worked for me. And it worked for my friend in similar circumstances.
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So far, they stopped calling, but if they called back, I will tell them that.
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Sue them. You can sue then for not giving permission to call you. Lol

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No, you can't sue them for calling you. Wrong info.
They probably won't stop calling because they hear "You have the wrong person" all the time.
First send them a letter by certified mail with a return receipt requested. State that the person they are looking for is not at your address and that they are not to contact you by telephone, text, email or postal mail, nor have a third party contact you in any of those ways.
If they continue after that, contact a lawyer and ask them what to do next.
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I flag you
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No they can not harass you and they can not make you pay for something that is not your debt. There are laws they have to abide by!

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