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What is different between 'dinner' and 'a dinner'? Or can I use either without considering any meaning or situation?

I am a foreigner, Looking forward to your sincere answer :D

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'Dinner' on its own is a general use term. In past days it refered to the noon meal. Now it is interchangeable with 'lunch' for noon meal or with 'supper' for evening meal.
ie "Its time to come in for dinner."
"Dinner will be done in thirty
"I like to have guests for dinner."
'A dinner' usually refers to a specific usually fancy special occasion dinner, usually formal or semi-formal.
ie. "I am having a dinner for my grandmothers birthday."
"There is a dinner for the Humane Society next Friday."
"That corpoation holds a dinner every third Friday for their emplyees of the month."

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Thank you for your answer :D
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Hello again, Kim! Well, dinner can often be used without the 'a' as a prefix, I would say as a general rule use 'dinner' rather than 'a dinner'. "A dinner' is not used very commonly, only if you're talking about a formal dinner.
Have a nice dinner.
I am looking forward to dinner.
Have you had dinner?
I am going to a dinner.
The last one means a formal dinner, i.e. one at a restaurant, with other people invited.
If in doubt, use 'dinner'.
Does that help?

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Thank you for your answer~~ :D
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You're very welcome
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