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Spanish problems: written to verbal

(Not exactly homework, but the closest fitting thing.) Right now, I'm taking Spanish and I feel I'm doing pretty well with the written portions. However, when I try to apply it, it doesn't transfer very well. When someone speaks to me in Spanish, I can't understand them unless they were to write a transcript or something along those lines. Any tips to help overcome this problem?

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Ask them to speak slowly. Ask them to translate certain words you don't understand. It just takes time to be able to understand spoken Spanish.

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Hi Claire! I can't get back to our pope conversation right now, but I wanted to tell you I'm watching Project Runway tonight, and thinking about you! Sorry about all that typing over there, Im rooting for Daniel and Mychelle as usual, I'll Come back here to talk about PR, bye ! Love you girl!
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Hi Claire, I did see your comment back there on the toad population question, I'm not sure where I got the idea Michelle spelled her name Mychelle :() she is wearing feather caps now,and I'm not too sure about that...because she's usually so cool! And it would seem now that she's channelling Kate Mddleton!! I believe that style is called a Fascinator, and I adore them in their proper place such as royal weddings :) be back later to talk winners and losers, bye!
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Great ScotClaire
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Oops! So much drama tonight! Poor Daniel! And poor Patricia! Sleepy, talk tomorrow, night night, sleep tight...
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I'm really glad Stanley won And I actually thought Michelle's "hat"
looked good on her. I'm glad she didn't send it out on the runway though. More soon, Love, Claire
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Hi Claire, I think that Michele thought that she would win. I just miss the "Biker chick" Michelle, she was rocking a Mohawk at one time, and have you noticed her tattoos? Graduated sized round shapes going up her arms? It reminds me of those clear plastic math tools that had angles and little calculation cheaters printed, with asst. circle square know! Like the arch ones? ( Making sense much?) what the heck did ya'll call those thingys? Theyer like a ruler, but not a ruler! Well, enough of that! I am taking notes on my TV show going to explain how the last five popes have influenced world events from behind the scenes, I will pass along anything interesting. I hope I'm not looking like a conspiracy theorist to you, I fully acknowledge that I am lonely...and I probably wouldn't be able to do this stuff if I had to work away from home, so there's that...on the other hand, these things require faith and Spiritual decernment , and I have those things, so...I love you for listening and many other reasons... Even if any of this is true, I wouldn't try to stop any of it. Chang subjects, did you buy you some Easter candy? I did, 5 Cadbury Creme Eggs , I hid them away for Sunday. I'm going to either buy a ham and make ranch pasta salad, or make chicken and dressing boiled egg giblet gravy, yum. Not sure but either way, I'm definitely doing sweet potatoe souffl, and fruit salad(w/coconut and yogurt to make creamy :p). Will you have a dinner at church? And see you sister? I hope you'll tell me your plans, I love you, and Will be back here to talk later, bye!
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Yes, I noticed those circles. I actually liked them. (That is if you HAVE to
have a tattoo.) They are very mathematical, very geometric. I too thought of that plastic thing. Is it called a template? I know my father used one when working on construction plans. He was a builder.
Her outfit was great but Stanley's had
the CUTE factor. And the bubble wrap was his idea. If I had been the model I would not have been able to stop myself from popping the bubbles.
More on your dinner soon. Must recharge iPhone. :-) C.
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Here's more. If I come over will you serve chicken, dressing, and giblet with boiled egg gravy? That is my
FAVORITE gravy. Ever. And ever.
And thanks for reminding me to buy Cadbury Eggs. I liked it when they were only available around Easter.
That made them super special. But they're still special. Don't you like the Cadbury Eggs' ad where they have different animals auditioning to be the Cadbury bunny? I like the lion.
We have our big church service tomorrow (Friday) night. It starts at 8:30PM and ends at 10:30. Part of it is in candlelight. There will be baptisms - adult and child. It sounds like a long time but it is beautiful.
There will still be services Easter morning and the Easter Bunny will come for the children.
Love to you, Claire
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