Who can help me with a Minecraft mod please?

I need help, now! Ok so i play on Tye Dye Videos' Minecraft server and they have factions. well my friend let this hacker into our base, but my friend didn't know that he was a hacker. He griefed all of our important stuff, even though I claimed the land. (Basically, claiming land means that nobody can place or destroy blocks on that land except people you approve of). I have REI's mini-map, and i was wondering if there was an extension that would allow me to find this guy and show me where he is so i can kill him repetedly. This guy needs to know that I do not tolerate him taking all of my stuff. Among the items he took were an enchanting table, 10 bookselves, a brewing stand, all my glowstone, all my blaze rods, my jukebox, all my iron, all my diamonds, emeralds, redstone, etc. I am very mad about this and would appreciate any help. if you could just tell me where to download the mod, that would be great. or if you could create the mod, i will pay you or something. i just want help

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