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Why do chuiwuauas shake

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Chihuahuas shake whenever someone misspells their name.

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Little tiny rats. XD
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I love those dogs. Why do they shake, Hippy?
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Bad nerves or bad drugs, I guess.
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Because they are tiny, and get cold easily.

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the many wonders of the world ;-)

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Chihuahuas are a special little breed, and there are quite a few things that are different for them than for other breeds: shaking, special pregnancy risks, temperature sensitivity, and others.
A lot of things can cause them to shake:
Some are normal and ok ...
(excitement, boundless energy),
some are normal but not ok ...
(stress, fear, excessive nervousness),
and some are warning signs ...
(hidden ear infections, too cold, other illnesses or fever, etc.).
It's the owners job to get to know what the shakes are telling you, and fix it. It's not hard, once you starting looking close at your little guy!
-- Here's a great link that tells all about why chihuahuas shake. ... including the little things you can do to help calm the shakes!
There are also really good chapters on this site about other Special (!) chihuahua needs to be aware of.
It's fun reading and stuff you should know. :D

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NOTE: If that link doesn't work from this post, try this to go to the home page :
(Or just type that bit into your browser.)
Scroll all the way to the very bottom border of the page where there is a huge list of "Resources".
Just click the one for
"Why Does my Chi Shake?"
And just find it from there (under "Behavior" in the side menu).
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Uh, delete the very last line in my comment above. I meant to erase it before posting. The "Why Does my Chi Shake?" Is the correct last line.
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