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Why was April fools invented?

My friends were acting suspicious today and one of them put a whoopee cushion on each others chairs. I realized it was April fools day. I wondered, "why was it invented?".

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April fool's day was invented for people to have fun around each other at least once every year. The origin of this day is still uncertain. However, different countries practice it differently. You can read more about on

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Long ago . The start of the new year was april first.
However, the king(i don't remember the name.)changed it to january first.
Some people didn't believe the news when people told them.
There were three friends and one of them still thought the new year's day was april first.
So the other friends decided to play a prank on him.
They told him to send a letter to the king.
The guy went to the king's guard and told him to give the letter to the king.
The guard read it, laughed and said"
I'm sorry but you're going to have to go to the next kingdom."
The guy went to the next kingdom, but the guard at that kingdom said the exact same thing.
After walking to five kingdoms
The guy decided to read the letter.
It read
'I still believe april 1st is new years day
I am an april fool
Send me to the next kingdom."
Later, this story became famous and from that day on, april 1st became april fools day

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