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I need help with a math problem

This week, I'm studying the axis of symmetry and vertexes in my math class. I'm having trouble with the word problems. Here's one of them: A gardener has enough money to build 260 feet of garden wall. He plans to use an existing wall for one side of the enclosure. What is the largest rectangular area he can enclose?
If someone could explain how to work this problem, or give me a website or video link that shows how to work these types of problems, that would be great. Thanks in advance!

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Bc he is using an existing wall, the max area will not be a square. Draw the existing wall. Draw three other sides to make a rectangle.. Those 3 sides will represent the wire and they add up to 260. Put x on the left fence and the right fence since those two lengths are the same in a rect. That leaves 260-2x for the length of fence on the other side. Ok, now lets track the area as the rectangle changes shape. A(x)= (x)(260-2x). (Length X width) Graph that on your calc. from domain 0 to 130, zoom fit, and you can watch the area increases up to max area and then decreases. Of course it's max area is at the vertex. You can also graph it by hand....set each factor = to zero and find the roots. The vertex x value is between the roots. Plug that in for the area. You have a great teacher if you are learning'll be ready for calculus!!!

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A square always gives the largest rectangular area. So divide 260 into 4 equal parts.
260/3 = 86 2/3 = 1 side of the square.
Area of a square =
86 2/3 x 86 2/3 =
see comments

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(2nd line should say 3 equal parts because 1 part is the wall.)
7,511 about. ANSWER
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