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How do you create nuclear energy from its source, step by step?

im writing a paper, and i have no clue how to even answer that question.

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using Einstein's theory of relativity, he assisted in making the original nuclear bomb, with that equation at it's base.

Energy = mass x the speed of light, squared.

Everything has a certain amount of potential energy in it, depending upon what it's mass is. The only method of unlocking said potential energy, is to destroy it spontaneously, and cause fusion, resulting in nuclear energy. So you can create nuclear energy from it's source, by causing something to spontaneously combust. For instance, the potential energy in a Walnut, is enough to power a large city for over a month, so if you spontaneously combust that, and manage to cause the fusion, then you could probably get rid of your house with that amount of energy. Nuclear energy works the same way, by forcing uranium rods to rotate until the generate the heat and power to bring out that energy.

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Thank you! that helps alot:)
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you're welcome.
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Usually, uranium a nuclear fuel has its atoms split into smaller particles resulting in the release of large amounts of energy. This energy is released in the form of heat which boils water producing steam which turns turbines generating electricity. This entire process is animated online at

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