What are some connections to Tuck Everlasting? (Chapters 19-21?)

I have to read Tuck Everlasting, and I like the book, but I can't connect to it! I am doing lit circles and i have to connect to chapters 19-21 (the part where the mon in the yellow suit gets shot in the head and Whinnie goes home withe the constable and mae is about to be hung.) I don't care if I lie about a connection, just help me PLEASE to connect to these chapters. Here is a link to re-fresh your memory on what happened in the chapters.


Thank YOU all SOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!

Ps: Please don't say something like "u gotta do your own homework" becase I always do, but I need help with this one thing. I know also lying to make connections is wrong, but I con't connect to this! Thank you all!

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