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Rate my pokemon team. Please give suggestions in the form of moves, items, and alternate pokemon:

-Espeon.....Synchronize.....Chesto Berry
Psychic/Rest/Reflect or Light Screen/Morning Sun
-Hydreigon.....Levitate.....Dragon Gem
Draco Meteor/Fire Blast/Superpower/Dark Pulse
-Venusaur.....Chlorophyll.....Big Root
Giga Drain/Sludge Bomb/Synthesis/Earthquake or Sleep Powder
Blizzard or Ice Beam/Surf or Scald/Perish Song/Body Slam
-Volcarona.....Flame Body..... Rocky Helmet
Quiver Dance/Fiery Dance/Hurricane/Bug Buzz
-Eelektross.....Levitate.....Electric Gem

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If you can you should get a Scyther :3 they're awesome. You seem to have a pretty good team, as well

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Thanks :3 I made it up in class today :D
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still constructing
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:D Your Welcome :3
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