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In your opinion should I change schools?(btw I would prefer to change now rather then next year so please dont say to just wait)

I want to move to my boyfriend's school to be with him. I also just wan to start over in a place where no one knows me and where i can hopefully make new friends. One of my best friends will be moving to that school next year. Also there is an ex at my current school that I have a class with and I honestly dont want to deal with him anymore which is another reason I want to leave. The reasons I want to stay are that I am in orchestra and guitar and have a few competitions coming up for both and my teacher wants me to join varsity orchestra. I also have a state ronotics comletition in a few months. And there are two friends that would be sad if I left and I would miss then. I really want to go and start over but I want to stay for the competitions and two friends. What should I do?

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If there is any way possible, try to imagine yourself at 30, then ask your 30-yr-old self this question:
Which will I remember more fondly, my bf or my friends and music competitions?
I can't speak for you, but if I had had the sense to use this technique as a young person, I hope I would have done better.
Because here's the deal: 9.9 times out of 10, you will be completely amazed and regretful that you reacted and made a big change on account of a gf/bf, once you become older.
That's the math. I know you don't lime it. I woulda told me to stuff my advice too.
But deep down I really believe I knew it was stupid back then. And I kinda think you may have that feeling as well....thus your question. :)
At any rate, best of luck!

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Just wait. Ha jk. Do what's best for your career 1st. If the classes are the same at your boyfriends college, then I would go for it. I always try to remember what some guy told me in a very nice store. The choices you make today, will decide what stores you get to shop at later in life. So don't make this decision just because your boyfriend is there. Stay focused on your future and your career.

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Thanks to whoever for not liking that.
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