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Moderators- Where did my updates go?

Why am I no longer getting on-screen notifications when people like, respond to, or answer my questions? I also no longer have the update-counter in the upper-right of the screen like I used to get.
This makes it really hard to follow up on recent activity.
Was there a change, or did I hit a wrong button somewhere and accidently turn it off?

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This user is an Ask Community moderator.
This user is an Ask Community moderator.

wicked, mine has been like that for weeks now and as of last week the "browse by connections" completely No-Go! it just goes to page telling me "what connections are!".
Know there are others with same or similar problems and if you could, please
go to the link and let them know along with as much detail as possible,
i.e. browser, or App, what and when probs occur, etc. The more it can be pinpointed the quicker it can hopefully get fixed!:-(.

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good :)
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Sweetest, thanks!:-).
you have any problems?
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What browser are you using? Also, have you tried logging out, clearing your cache and logging back in (or using a different browser to see if that helps)?

Otherwise if you are still having issues with the notifications, you can contact Customer Support for additional troubleshooting assistance...

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Hi too2sweet, see my answer, I tried what you suggest and WAY more, to no avail.. have been in touch with help and hopefully by all who are having problems
passing details along, things can be fixed asap.
Have a good shift!:-).
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I had the same problem a few weeks ago. One night my system needed a shut down, which I did and then when I restarted the notifications were back. In the meantime, I found them on the profiles screen when I clicked on the "Themes" icon.

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yeah, that trick worked once or twice beginning of last week, but as of Thursday pretty much everything more or less "froze" to what I described! Notifications sometimes work if I just click on the "0" ; as for the rest?? Tried all kinds of things, stayed up 24 hours going from Comp running Windows, to MacBookPro, to iPad, to iPhone App, diff. acct. Shut down-re-start, undo name it! I think.. Anyone have any more ideas?? I'll try! ha,ha..
the one that's really most frustrating is the stupid page telling me "what following is " which comes up when I try to Browse Contacts Q and A's vs. General Browse!!

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