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What does x equal? PLEASE help! PLEASE!

i have two equations
1) 3s^2-4s-2
pretty please, could u try and help, i need to compare my answers, i got crazy decimal points

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I'm assuming you want to set these equal to 0 and solve.
You can't factor these. you have to use the quadratic formula and you'll get some nasty decimal answers.
1). s = 1.316 or s = 0.316. ANSWER
2). x = -2.333 or x = 1.433. ANSWER
I rounded them.

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u r a life saver
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wait, i got slightly different answers, could u show ur work please, mine was a bit different
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I made some mistakes. Try this:
1) s = 3.721 or 1.612
2) x = 2.233 or -1.433
Tell me if you didn't get this and I'm sorry. My brain has been uncooperative lately.
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i got the same for number 2, but just not a negative sign. how did u get that?
for the 1st one i got about 1.72 and 0.39? could u show me how u got the first one and ill show u how i got it?
Thanks SO SO SO SO much though, u r AWESOME
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I will work these again. But maybe not until tomorrow. Hopefully we will figure them out. They are AWFUL aren't they?
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thx again for helping
my math teacher cant do these, im on my own trying to figure em out, i made up a whole formula for it! (and then i looked on line and found it ;( SO much time i spent trying to make it up i forgot to look it up, but still im proud for making it up)
bye, see ya tomorrow hopefully
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1) s = 1.580 or -.246
2) x = 2.233 or -1.433
I wasn't writing out every step before. That will teach me.
I may still be wrong.
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ok, but how did u get the negative signs, i never get those
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you cant. there is no equal sign

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yes u CAN
it means =0, it is just understood
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