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How do you say hi how are you in japanese?

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You'll have to excuse the spelling (and the memory) but there are three ways to say hello:
The morning greeing is Ohio gosai masu
Konichi wa is used from late morning till early evening.
The evening greeting is Kon ban wa.

But your question was "How are you?" and as Devil Cupcapes pointed out, that's "O genki deuka".

The response is "Hai genki desu. Anata wa?
To which, "Hai genki desu."

(They're not called the Hai Society for nothing.)

When I worked for the Japanese I managed to abbreviate the ritual to "Pretty genki, thanks mate. How about you?"

Or if I was feeling very formal, I'd say "mate san".

** New record claimed: the Ask spell checker says I made 16 errors there. **

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Ohio gosai masu, 'mate san',
Forgot to switch spellcheck to Japaneese? :O).
O denki deuka today?
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Does "Hai" then mean/stand for; yes-affirmative?
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Sorry, W, I couldn't resist it. Hai is yes. It's a strange language and I don't know much about it.

They usually answer the phone by saying, "Moshi moshi" but one day I heard one guy, in mid conversation, say, "Moshi, moshi, moshi," very rapidly. Later i asked his secretary what it meant and she said, "He stuffed up but didn't want to admit it."

Another time the same guy came to see me after I'd made a mistake and said, "If you ever do this again I will bring a ceremonial knife into this office and watch you ritually disembowel yourself."

Wonderful sense of humour. I think.
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Dodgy, Hai! lol!!
Agree, it does seem quite archiac and very much based in formality?
Funny story!! Sure he didn't mean it?? he,he.
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I dunno, Witte. I made sure that I never found out.
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Smart move!:-).
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Typically it is "O genkidesu ka"

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Sweet Bean Cakes!:-)
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Ko nicheee wa ! This not how it is really spelled , but is the phonetic pronunciation .

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That's how to pronounce it and give a slight bow when you say it so someone.

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Sin, I worked for one of the giant trading companies and we had our share of young Japanese trainees, straight out of university. The old hands would bring them around to introduce them and they often started in my office, knowing what would happen.

Having warned the kids, "Australians don't bow," they would then introduce them. We'd shake hands and they'd automatically start to bow. Then remember, so they'd straighten up. That's when I started to bow. Down they'd go again, and up I'd bob.; It was like shaking hands with a toy duck, head bobbling as it floated about the bath tub. Lots of fun.

But they're friendly people with a good sense of humour. I liked 'em.
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Konichi wa, Sincerity and Dodgy! O genki deuka?
Sincerity, check out this young(15) persons(girl) Question, as Dodgy and I discovered; she sure has a creative mind! If she keeps this up, I see a great possible carreer in writing. Thought you might enjoy it and help with positive re-inforcement, oh so important at that crucial age! :-)
How's your Daughter?
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Sorry, W, I mistyped desuka (not deuka). It's pronounced deska.
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oh wel Dodgy, am too busy "learning" Australia speak!! fair dinkum! probably got that wrong again.. huh! Agh ja, wat dan ook! :-).
Thank you though, will adjust in my notes in case I use it again.. wouldn't want
to have to "dis embowel" myself! ha,ha!!!
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If you want to say it in a casual way, 'Yaa, choushi wa doudai?'
In a polite way, 'O genki desuka?'
I'm a Japanese

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Does "Hai" stand as a general "yes" or "affermative"?
And what does "Yaa, choushi wa doudai", translate to in English precisely?
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Yes, Hai means 'Yes' or 'affirmative'.
That's translated literally into 'Hi, how are you feeling?' or, 'Hi, how are things making out?'.
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